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OK wow tumblr is wack and I have like 50 different incarnations of my commission post now and ive fixed them like 52352350 times BUT YEAH, in order to dispel any fears, I have a proper link set to the left on my blog that links to the main post that ill update status on! HOPEFULLY IT WONT BREAK AGAIN aaaaa.

GOLD/USD commissions are closed for now, though one may open up if a hold backs down or smthn. I’ve been scribbling down basics for a few, so it’s gettin worked on! Bribes for in-game gear are still open though! Because items, man. Items.

Thanks again for bearing with me, lord I sure did make this hella confusing dkfjgnd ;__;


seduce me with in-depth character analysis

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reblog this with a picture of your ladyvari !!! i really want to draw some idk if ill get all of them but HERE’S UR CHANCE

!!!!!!! I will show one of my underappreciated ladyvaris then because aaaah. LOVE EVERY LADYVARI THO!


This is Lachemilla, shes an extremely shy, tiny mesmer shroomie who is still getting used to meeting people (without having someone bigger to hide behind, at least. BIG STRIDES) The butt of her outfit looks like a lilypad and it makes me giggle, JUST SAYIN.

Can’t wait to gaze upon others!!

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